Quality Handcrafted Jewelry!
Quality Handcrafted Jewelry!
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Gold-Filled Jewelry

Handmade 18K Gold-Filled Jewelry

Hypoallergenic; Lead & Nickel Free

Gold-Filled jewelry undergoes a process of heat and pressure to adhere a layer of gold onto the base metal. In terms of quality, gold-filled is second only to solid gold. With that being said, your gold-filled items can last beautifully for many years with proper care.

Care instructions: Avoid using in the shower, pool, hot tub, sleeping and while exercising. Wait to put on jewelry after perfume, oils, lotions, hairspray, etc has been able to dry. Use a soft cloth to gently remove any makeup and oils that might be on jewelry after each use. The best way to keep these pieces looking new, is to store them in a low humidity environment and in an air tight container (less air = less oxidation), the likelihood for a chemical reaction lessens with less air getting to it.